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Innovative Security expertise

Ariki Smart - ACS add-ons for high-security areas

Ariki Smart enables touch-free identification of authorized persons in existing access control systems using facial-, fingerprint- or iris- recognition. Ariki Smart solutions can also provide added security to controlled areas by the use of tailgate detectors and people countors without the need for bulky and expensive turnstiles.

Increased ACS efficiency

Videos and demos!

Broadway 3D
Broadway 3D -kasvojentunnistus
Tailgate Detector TDflex
IEE Tailgate Detector
IEE People Counter
Volumetric Object Surveillor
IEE Volumetric Object Subveillor


TBS 3D Terminal



ID- verification and ensuring single passage of persons can take time and be costly. With Ariki's help biometric identification technologies may be implemented to provide rapid and cost efficient, automated solutions.

Rapid development in the field of biometrics is constantly bringing new possibilities. Strong identication ie where two methods of indentication such as an rfid card and pin code is increasingly viewed as a key requirement. Biometric solutions free users from having to remember pin codes and also prevent misuse.

Biometric recognition

Biometric recognition means using the unique physical characteristics or behaviour patterns of a person for identification. Ariki provides solutions whereby authorized persons may be reliably and touchlessly identified by fingerprint, face or iris.

Lack of a valid  entry credit will prevent access to the contolled area. Ariki Smart solutions ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain entry by following authorized persons. The direction of passage and real-time occupancy can also be monitored.

Why biometrics?

Unlike keyfobs, cards or passwords, biological characteristics cannot be transferred, stolen or lost. No wonder that the field continues to generate great interest amongst those responsible for access control!

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