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Innovative Security expertise

An expert systems supplier and service provider

Baggage screeningSecurity screening and smart add-ons to existing access control systems are the common denominators in Ariki Oy’s palette of products and services.  We help passenger terminal operators, regulators, private security entities, research facilities, data centres and integrators to address the security of critical targets.

Ariki Oy has a lengthy and in-depth experience in security screening. The company imports security products from global leaders such as Astrophysics Inc, Artec Group, IEE, Touchless Biometric Systems and IrisID.

Touchless biometric fingerprint and 3D-facial recognition, enhanced surveillance of persons, facilities and objects are examples of current ACS add-ons in increasing demand. Ariki is a pioneering specialist of this field in Finland.

Ariki's solutions and key product groups

  • Ariki Screening - Baggage and parcel screening, trace, drug detection and liquid explosive detection as well as metal detectors for people screening
  • Ariki Smart - Solutions to enhance existing access control systems such as 3D-facial recognition, touchless fingerprint and iris recognition, tailgate detection and surveillance of persons and objects
  • Ariki Help - Planning and consultancy services for products offered and comprehensive after-sales services

Efficient planning can increase the efficiency of existing security, can help to save costs and may even increase the capacity of passenger trafic and logistics. Ariki's experts have a lengthy experience of securing critical sites in both the public and private sector.

Need to raise your security level? Call Ariki!