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Ariki expands SMART –portfolio with TBS fingerprint readers

Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS), global leader in fingerprint recognition technology appoint Ariki Oy ad Distributor for 3D- and 2D fingerprint recognition products and software.

Rapid technology developments are greatly increasing the use of biometrics for the recognition of individuals in numerous fields such as banking and the public sector. In access control the adoption of user-friendly and cost-efficient  biometric methods is expected to supercede passwords and PIN codes with incremental speed. TBS 3D devices which use several cameras to create a 3-dimensional image are extremely easy to use, accurate and reliable ACS readers. TBS use of touchless technology also helps to dispel fears related to the hygiene issues of traditional fingerprint readers.

Ariki Oy has been on the look-our for an accurate, hygienic, user-friendly and future-proof fingerprint reader to complement the Ariki SMART portfolio. We are very happy that TBS views Ariki's biometric based SMART concept as an effective way to enter the Finnish market, says Tuula Kanerva, Managing Director, Ariki Oy.

Based in Switzerland Touchless Biometric Systems is a technology leader in fingerprint recognition. The company's awarded readers are based on numerous patents dealing with 3D and touchless recognition. TBS' aesthetically pleasing products can be found in numerous critical ACS installations in civil offices, banks, data centers and corporate headquarters world-wide.

Further details: Director of Sales Jarmo Saari, puh 020 7659361 

See also:  http://www.tbs-biometrics.com/tbs/about-tbs/



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