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Security screening GDL library

Ariki Oy announces the publication of a GDL-library to aid in the design of checkpoints. Produced in collaboration with Micro Aided Design Oy - also kown as M.A.D - the library enables planners to take into advance consideration various parameters and to thus avoid undue expenses due to last minute alterations.

Planning a checkpoint requires knowledge of both the technology and the process. For example a walk-through metal detector is sensitive to moving metal objects and to various sources of electromagnetic radiation. The checkpoint itself requires a large enough and well planned area for security personnel in order to ensure an optimal process. Using GDL-objects enables various spatial and clearance requirements to be met at the initial planning stage. The use of ArchiCAD or similar Bulding information management tools (BIM) also enables 3D analysis so that potential sources of interference above or below the checkpoint can also be identified.

Ariki Oy plans to expand the library in the near future with models from its' SMART product group. Envisioned are various biometric terminals as well as anti-tailgate solutions.

GDL kirjasto

For further details, please contact:

Tuula Kanerva: puh. 020 7659360, tuula.kanerva(ät)ariki.fi

Jarmo Saari: puh. 020 7659361, jarmo.saari(ät)ariki.fi

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