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Innovative Security expertise


Rapiscan SystemsAriki Oy has strong expertise not only in security screening but also in the enhancement of existing access control systems. The company represents global technology leaders in the field such as Astrophysics Inc, Artec Group, IEE, OD-Security and Touchless Biometric Systems. As Distributor Ariki Oy is responsible for the following:

  • Import, sale and rental of the products
  • Delivery, installation and after sales services

The company’s expertise lies in x-ray systems for use in security screening of people and goods as well as a wide knowledge of biometric ID systems for smart access control. Metal detectors, explosive trace and drug detection products are form an important part of the Ariki Screening portfolio. Products for biometric recognition include Iris-, 3D-fingerprint and 3D-facial scanners.

Ariki Oy’s team has years of experience and is ready to consult the customer in security screening and ACS enhancement .

Finland's strongestAriki Oy’s customers

  • Airports, airline and freight companies
  • Government organisations e.g. Ministries, court houses, corrections institutes, border control
  • Police and defence forces
  • Corporate headquarters, data centers and research facilities
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Public events
  • Security service companies

Tekninen KauppaKey Areas: Security Screening and Increasing Efficiency in Access Control

Security checks are essential in the increasingly expanding field of passenger- and goods transportation. However checks should not cause undue delays. Ariki Oy’s solutions help passengers and goods to pass securely and efficiently through the nodal points of the infrastructure.

Reliable partner

Ariki Oy's specialist services will ensure added efficiency to customers' critical security screening  and access control. Ariki Oy utilises state-of-the-art security technology to form a complete solution comprising systems, localised customer service, consulting and training.

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